Documentation v4

Browsertime logo is the complete toolbox to test the web performance of your web site. Use it to monitor your performance or checkout how your competition is doing. You can see all the latest changes in the Changelog for the project.

  • Getting started - get up and running with
  • Installation - install using npm, yarn or run our Docker containers.
  • Configuration - there‚Äôs a lot of things you can do with, lets checkout how!
  • How it all works - lets checkout how everything works.
  • Browsers - collect timings using real browsers. We support Firefox, Chrome and Chrome on Android.
  • Use Cases - find out best practices for testing a site, compare with other sites.
  • Performance Dashboard - keep track of your metrics and performance.
  • Performance Budget - make sure you are within your performance budget.
  • Plugins - list/disable/enable or create your own plugin.
  • Pre/post scripting - run Selenium scripts before/after you test a URL.
  • Metrics - configure which metrics you want to use.
  • Continuous Integration - generate JUnit XML/TAP and use Jenkins, Grunt or the Gulp plugin.
  • Docker - how to use our Docker containers.
  • Upgrade - upgrading from 3.x to 4.0 check out our guide here.
  • Mobile phones - test using your mobile phone (Android only).
  • WebPageTest - drive WebPageTest and fetch metrics and graph them.
  • Developers - start here when you want to do PRs or create a plugin.