Introduction #

We are super happy to introduce Humble the Raspberry Pi WiFi network link conditioner! It creates a new WiFi network that you use for your device. You then access a web page where you set the network speed (3G/4G etc) for your WiFi.

Humble uses Throttle and Throttle frontend and a configured Raspberry Pi 4. And it’s all Open Source and you can use it for free.

What do you need? #

To setup your own instance of Humble you need:

  1. A Raspberry Pi 4 with a wired connection to your router.
  2. A SD card (at least 8 GB)
  3. A computer with Raspberry Pi Imager (that you can download from

Yes that is all!

Your setup will look like this: Humble setup

And you switch connection speed on the WiFi using a web page on the Raspberry Pi: Humble frontend

Read all about how to use Humble at GitHub: