Privacy policy

We take your online privacy really serious: Our documentation site, our dashboard and our compare tool do not use any tracking software at all (no Google Analytics or any other tracking software). We never use tracking software. None of the tools call home to us. We don’t use any 3rd party requests on our website. We don’t collect any data about you or your usage.

But beware: Chrome and Firefox call home. We would love pull requests and tips how to make sure browsers don’t call home when you run your tests!

Also be aware that GitHub/npm/Docker/Netlify can store information when you download

Let us go through this thoroughly:

What information is being collected? #

We don’t collect any information from our users. None. Nada. We don’t include 3rd party scripts either to make sure that your privacy isn’t compromised.

Who is collecting it? #

We don’t collect any data from you with the tools. But as we said before: Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Safari is probably calling home when you run your tests.

How is it collected? #

We don’t collect any information.

Why is it being collected? #

We don’t collect any data from you because we think your privacy is important.

How will it be used? #

We will not use any data because we don’t collect any data.

Who will it be shared with? #

We don’t collect any data, so we don’t have any data to share.

What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned? #

We believe you can feel safe that we don’t collect any data about you, nor have any information to share with companies that wants to capitalize on what you do.

Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain? #

We don’t think any individuals have any complains with this. But if you do, please let us know in a GitHub issue.