About Us

At the moment we are one core member that works on sitespeed.io in our free time. New contributors and team members are very much welcome!

Peter Hedenskog #

I created sitespeed.io late 2012. It’s been a lot of work and incredibly fun! I’m a web performance geek, love the web and think Open Source is the way forward. I work in the Quality and test team at Wikimedia.

You should also look at the others performance tools we created through the years.

Through the use of Browsertime Mozilla has become a code contributor to the tool, making it easier to stay bleeding edge :)

Retired #

We also have people that contributed alot through the years.

Tobias Lidskog #

Having been supporter of sitespeed.io from the sidelines for some time, I joined Peter as we started working on version 3.0. I’ve been working professionally with the web for about 15 years, and open source tools have been an indispensable help all along. Now it’s nice to be able to give something back.

In my work at iZettle I spend most of my time enabling the dev teams to shine. Working on sitespeed.io is a great complement, letting me get my hands dirty with range of tools and techniques; from controlling browsers with WebDriver to learning how to use Docker.

Jonathan Lee #

I discovered sitespeed.io version 3 in 2015 while exploring the latest trending tools in web performance. I was intrigued by this tool and decided to learn more. Wanting to contribute back to the open source community that has giving me so much over the last decade, I reached out to Peter and Tobias to assist with the development of version 4.0.

As a performance engineer at CBSi I am able to offer real-world feedback to the team to make improvements that will benefit others. I love talking about web performance so feel free connect or reach out to me on LinkedIn or Twitter.