Documentation / Installation



You can run using our Docker containers or using NodeJS.

Docker #

We have Docker images with, Chrome, Firefox, Xvfb and all the software needed for recording a video of the browser screen and analyse it to get Visual Metrics. It is super easy to use). Here’s how to use the container with both Firefox & Chrome (install Docker first).

Mac & Linux #

docker run --rm -v "$(pwd):/" sitespeedio/ -b firefox

Windows #

C:\Users\Vicky> docker pull sitespeedio/
C:\Users\Vicky> docker run --rm -v ${pwd}:/ sitespeedio/ -b firefox

That will output the data from the run in the current directory. You can read more about running the containers here.

Node JS #

Mac & Linux #

Prerequisites: Install latest NodeJS LTS (Linux) and make sure you have npm or yarn installed. Also install Chrome/Firefox/Edge (you need them to collect metrics).

Make sure you install without sudo using sudo. Checkout Sindre Sorhus guide.

npm #

If you prefer npm, just run:

npm install -g

yarn #

Or with yarn:

yarn global add

Windows #

Checkout our GitHub action running in Windows to see how to install the dependencies needed.

If you run on Windows you can run tests on Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

Skip installing ChromeDriver/GeckoDriver/EdgeDriver #

If you don’t want to install ChromeDriver, EdgeDriver or GeckoDriver when you install through npm you can skip them with an environment variable.

Skip installing ChromeDriver:


Skip installing GeckoDriver:


Skip installing EdgeDriver:

EDGEDRIVER_SKIP_DOWNLOAD=true npm install -g

Updating ChromeDriver/GeckoDriver/EdgeDriver #

Using Docker the browser and driver is bundled with the correct versions. If you install everything yourself you may need to update driver versions.

Since the ChromeDriver team decided that a ChromeDriver version needs to match a browser version, it has been more work to test other Chrome versions.

You can download the ChromeDriver yourself from the Google repo and use --chrome.chromedriverPath to help Browsertime find it or you can choose which version to install when you install with a environment variable: CHROMEDRIVER_VERSION=81.0.4044.20 npm install

You can also choose versions for Edge and Firefox with EDGEDRIVER_VERSION and GECKODRIVER_VERSION.