Documentation / Installation



Mac & Linux

Prerequisites: Install NodeJS 6.9.1 or newer (Linux) and make sure you have npm or yarn installed. You can also use Docker if you prefer.


If you prefer npm, just run:

$ npm install -g
$ --help


Or with yarn:

$ yarn global add
$ --help


We have Docker images with, Chrome, Firefox and Xvfb. They are super easy to use (Xvfb is started automatically when you start the container). Here’s how to use the container with both Firefox & Chrome (install Docker first).

$ docker pull sitespeedio/
$ docker run --rm -v "$(pwd)":/ sitespeedio/ -b firefox


We support Windows using Docker. To be able to support running on Windows with NodeJS we need more core contributors that can focus on Windows.


C:\Users\Vicky> docker pull sitespeedio/
C:\Users\Vicky> docker run --rm -v "$(pwd)":/ sitespeedio/ -b firefox

That will output the data from the run in the current directory. You can read more about running the containers here.