Documentation / Mobile phones

Test on Android



  • Install the Android SDK on your desktop (just the command line tools!). If you are in Mac and use Homebrew just run: brew install android-platform-tools
  • Start the adb-server on your desktop: adb start-server

On your phone

  • Install Chrome
  • Enable developer USB access to your phone: Go to About device, tap it, scroll down to the Build number, tap it seven (7) times.
  • Disable screen lock on your device.
  • Enable Stay awake
  • Enable USB debugging in the device system settings, under Developer options.
  • Install the Stay Alive app and start it.
  • Plugin your phone using the USB port on your desktop computer.
  • When you plugin your phone, click OK on the “Allow USB debugging?” popup.


If you run by default, the phone will use the current connection. The connectivity flag is currently not supported (would love a PR for that!) but you can use phuedxs Micro Device Lab and connect your phone to the wifi you want to use. There you can choose what kind of connectivity profile you want to use.


You are now ready to run your and test on your phone:


You will get result as you would with running this normally with summaries and waterfall graphs.