Analyze your website speed and performance is an open source tool (Apache License Version 2.0) that helps you analyze your website speed and performance based on performance best practices and timing metrics. It collects data from multiple pages on your website, analyze them using the rules and output the result as HTML or send the metrics to Graphite.

You can analyze one site, analyze and compare multiple sites or let your continuous integration server break your build when your performance budget is exceeded.

Install using npm (need help?):

$ npm install -g
$ -h

You can clone or fork the project at Github and if you like, please give us a Give us a star!

Performance dashboard

Setup your own performance dashboard using Graphite, Grafana and (we use Docker). Checkout the example site or read the documentation.

The web performance dashboard

Performance budget

You can test your performance budget using your CLI, use the GruntJS plugin or the TAP/JUnit XML output in your continuous integration server to make sure that you are not breaking your budgets.

Performance budget example

Real browsers

Fetching timings will use the browsers on your machine. That is cool because you will then be able to test with the latest released versions. Today we support Chrome & Firefox.


Do you love WebPageTest? We do too and made it possible to drive it using The WebPageTest data will be included in your sitespeed report.

The latest release

The latest stable release is 3.9, read about the changes here.


Checkout issues and coming features at Github and follow on Twitter to get information about new releases. is developed & tested on Mac OS X 10.10.

Thank you! is built on top of three fantastic tools/products, thank you guys for building them:


Please help us in making better! You can check the help section of how you can help us. These people has already helped us with pull requests or ideas (massive love!).