Icons in the waterfall graph

It doesn’t sound like much but it actually helps you a lot: The new version of PerfCascade has updated content type icons, that make it easy to identify the content type for each response.

Content type icons in the graph

PerfCascade is an SVG HAR viewer built by Michael Mrowetz that we use in sitespeed.io. You can try it out standalone with your own HAR at https://micmro.github.io/PerfCascade/. It is Open Source and we would love if you try it out standalone and give us suggestion how we can make it even better!

Correct firstVisualChange

If you run our Docker container (you should!) you can get SpeedIndex, first and last visual change. If you used it in the past and configured to emulate a mobile device, it happened that the firstVisualChange was wrong (it was too early). That is fixed now in the new version.

Christmas and holidays

Christmas is coming and we will probably not do any new releases before new year (maybe a bug fix release or two). See you next year!

/Peter, Tobias, and Jonathan