8.9 - more info about 3rd party scripts

With the new release we integrated Patrick Hulce project Third party web. Thanks a lot Patrick for Open Sourcing your project! At the moment we added a new third party tab where you can see the new content.

The Third party web project let us categorise requests so you as user know what kind of tools the web page is using.

One thing to remember is that a tool can have multiple categories. For example, it can be both a analytics tool AND a surveillance tool.

By default the third party information will be sent to Graphite/InfluxDb and if you are a Graphite user you can upgrade the page summary dashboard to the latest version. You will then get two new graphs.

The first graph shows you third party requests by category. Here can you see how many requests each category generates.

Third party requests by category

The next graph shows how many tools the page use by category. This graph will will help you see when your content team adds a new analytics tool to the site (but they promised they wouldn’t!). What’s really cool is that you can add alerts to these metrics too, as to all metrics from

Third party tools by category

If you look at the HTML result pages, you can also see the same information per URL.

Third party in the HTML

And then also see the exact tools that are used. Third party tools

At the moment we are very liberate on categorising tools as surveillance and need your help to get it right. Do a PR to help us help by changing

The new categorisation happens automatically. But you should still use the --firstParty regex to categorise requests since it is used when we internally categorise requests and gives you the flexibility to choose what requests are first/third party.

We also moved the 3rd part information from PageXray to the new tab and hopefully we can add more data there in the future. What about download time spent per tool and CPU time? Would love your help there if you are a user and your web site have a lot of third parties.

8.9.0 also contains a couple of bug fixes that you can read about in the changelog.