6.0.0 coming soon

It’s been a while since we’ve posted but, trust me it not from a lack of new implemented features in sitespeed.io. While adding new features and fixing bugs here and there we’ve been brainstorming on how to make sitespeed.io even better.

Let’s list out a few of the upcoming improvements:

  • Use Chartist to display visual progress and size/requests to make it easier for users #1659.

  • The HTML pages now works better on larger screens #1740.

  • We upgraded to use the official Graphite Docker container and using Graphite 1.X as default #1735.

  • Log the full URL to your result, makes it easy to map logs vs result #1744.

  • Make it easier to build plugins: Expose messageMaker in the context to plugins (so plugins easily can send messages in the queue) #1760. Expose filterRegistry in the context so plugins can register which metrics should be picked up by Graphite/InfluxDb etc #1761. Move core functionality to core folder #1762.

  • Running Docker adds –video and –speedIndex by default to make it easier for beginners.

  • You will be able to create plugins that can generate HTML (per run or per page summary).#1784.

  • You will be able to override/add CSS from your plugin by sending message of the type html.css #1787

  • Major work on the documentation: https://www.sitespeed.io/

  • The Coach 1.0 with tweaked advice about Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and more.

  • More to come …

One other thing around plugins is since we are working on a complete rewrite of the plugin system we also want to allow easier integration with sitespeed and the HTML rendered results for external community plugins!

If you have any thoughts on what could be improved from 5.x to 6.0 join the discussion and let us know via #1719.