Do you remember that we asked you to upgrade your Graphite metrics in April earlier this year? If you didn’t do it that time, you really should do it before you upgrade to 20.0.0. Follow the guide and after that upgrade to 20.0.0.

If you feel that you don’t have time today, you can supress the change by adding --graphite.addSlugToKey false to your test. Please do that, else your metrics will be reported under a new key structure when you upgrade to 20.0.

We also took the chance in 20.0 and made a couple of other breaking changes to make it easier for you to run your tests:

  • Throttle is the default connectivity engine if you use Mac or Linux #3433. This makes it much easier to enable throttling. Our Docker container is not affected by this change.
  • There’s a new default mobile --mobile for Chrome. The new default is Moto G4 (instead of iPhone 6) #3467.
  • When you run your tests on Safari on iOS the Coach is disabled by default #3468.

Happy performance testing!