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The Coach - Introduction

Do my page need coaching? #

You know, it’s hard to get everything right! The world is complex: HTTP/1 vs HTTP/2. Some of the previous performance best practices are now considered bad practice. Luckily for you the coach will detect that the page is accessed using HTTP/2, and adjust its advice accordingly.

Why we love the coach #

Ten reasons why we love the coach and you will too:

  • The coach gives you advice on how to make your page faster. The coach aims to NEVER give you bad advice. Follow the advice and you will WIN!
  • HTTP/1 or HTTP/2? That’s no problem, the coach adjust the advice accordingly.
  • The coach uses real browsers to see your page exactly like your users do.
  • Every advice has one or more unit-tests to make sure it’s easy to change advice in the future.
  • The coach knows about more than just performance: Accessibility and web best practice are other things that the coach can help you with.
  • You can integrate the coach with your own web performance tool. It’s easy: your tool only need to be able to run JavaScript in the browser and produce a HAR file. Or you can use the built-in functionality of the coach to run the browser.
  • The coach is open-source. The advice is public, you can check it, change it, or add to it yourself. Help us make the coach even better!
  • The coach can combine knowledge from the DOM with HAR to give you super powerful advice.
  • The CLI output is pretty nice. You can configure how much you want to see. Use it as a fast way to check the performance of your page.

Work in progress! #

We know you want the coach to help you, but right now YOU need to help the coach! The coach is new and needs more advice. Send a PR with a new advice, so the coach gets more knowledge! Check out the issues, try the project and give us feedback!