We are back with a small release with some important things:

  • We fixed a bug in the Slack plugin (bug introduced in 4.6.1) that made miss sending individual URL info (even if you configured that). When we where at it we also fixed two other Slack bugs: The default values for setting a warning or error from Slack using the score you get from the Coach was mixed up so you got an error for a warning. We fixed that so don’t be surprised now if the warning is a error. Last there was a bug if you used speedIndex or lastVisualChange as metrics for warning/errors, that made high values not setting warning/errors.

  • You can now compress the HAR files with --gzipHAR. You can use it together with --html.fetchHARFiles (that removes the inlining of the HAR from the HTML) and you will save a lot of bytes. But you should only do that if you serve the result pages using S3 or a web server. We need the inline to make the HAR work if you use the result pages on your local file system.

  • We made some small changes to the GUI to make it easier to use and stream line naming of metrics. We will do more follow up in coming releases. We have metrics that we don’t show in the HTML report today (but we should)!

  • If you use WebPageTest we added a link to easy download the HAR file (we already collected it but didn’t made it easy to use).


P.S Read the full changelog for 4.7.0.