Documentation / Getting started

Getting started is an Open Source tool that helps you measuring the performance of your web site. You can install it using npm/yarn/Docker.

Test your site against web performance best practice rules (using the Coach), collect timing metrics from Chrome/Firefox (using Browsertime) and get a report on how your site is performing. You can generate a HTML report (check out the examples section to see what it looks like). You can use the Graphite plugin and build graphs with Grafana, checkout our example site You can even build your own plugin that handles all the metrics that are collected.

In October 2016 we released 4.0 ( is 4 years old). One of the main goals with 4.0 was to make it easier for people to contribute and use. We have already have more contributions than ever before. With 3.X we got the following feedback in the Toolsday podcast:

SpeedCurve has a really low barrier of entry ... it's a bit of a evolution maybe ... if you need something more advanced look into" By Taylor Jones (IBM) on the podcast Toolsday

Note: SpeedCurve is a paid service built on top on the Open Source tool WebPageTest. If you love WebPageTest (we do!) you can drive it using and collect the metrics and use it side by side with the metrics.

To get started you need either NodeJS (Linux) and npm/yarn) or Docker.

You also need Firefox and/or Chrome.

If you’ve installed the prerequisites, head over to the installation section and get going!